I grew up in Detroit in the 1960s and 70s watching a thriving city pucker and shrink to a town of diminishing means. In 1972 I went to art school and my Father never really understood what it was that I did. He kind of gets it now that I teach at the university level so we have had some very interesting conversations about business and business development. Recently I discovered that I got from my Dad many of the traits that made me a successful designer in New York City. In dialogue, the Members of this Panel will address the nature of the entrepreneurial spirit. I specifically chose a fine artist to balance out the panel as my Father is the pure business end and I, as designer, am squarely in the middle. Thus, viewpoints on this Panel range from fine artist to designer to a business maverick in the post-World War II. The Panel will discuss different approaches to entrepreneurship and the importance of independence and agility for adapting to new places and ever-changing markets and global needs.

Initially I am targeting Detroit, Baltimore and Kansas City; eventually Cleveland, Cincinnati, Hartford, Pittsburgh, New Orleans.